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Block DX offers completely decentralized and trustless trading via cross-chain atomic swaps.

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Trade 100+ assets with complete trading pair freedom.

no kYC. No limits. No borders.


Many DEX's claim to be decentralized while hiding the details of centralized components.
Block DX is the only exchange that decentralizes every component.

100% Decentralized

Traders broadcast their orders over a peer-to-peer network and each trader compiles the orderbook locally themselves.
All order matching is also performed locally. As an order is taken, Block DX automatically begins communicating with the counterparty over the peer-to-peer network to conduct the trade.


Trading occurs directly from your own wallets and your funds remain in your control throughout the entire trade process. This means there’s no third-party control over your funds, no need to transfer funds to another account, no waiting for deposit or withdrawal confirmations, and no withdrawal limits.


No accounts, KYC, AML, or registration process are required since trading is purely peer-to-peer. As a result, no legal responsibility is created that would require registration to use Block DX. This protects your personal privacy and gives you true financial freedom.

Open Source

Block DX is entirely open source, enabling the community to review, audit, and contribute to Block DX freely and transparently. As a result, you may subject the code to high levels of scrutiny to satisfy your need for security no matter how high your standards are.


Listings and access to the exchange are open and uncensored. There are no restrictions on what users or regions have access to the exchange since there are no accounts and trading is decentralized. Listings are also decentralized with no single party that controls what assets can be traded.


Block DX is always online since it doesn’t require accounts or any central entity to function. The true peer-to-peer nature of the exchange makes it impossible to shut down, offers zero downtime, and built-in DoS protection.

Decentralized. Secure. Private. Open. Uncensored. Unstoppable.

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Decentralized. Secure. Private. Open. Uncensored. Unstoppable.

Latest version: 1.9.2

Trade on block dx with XLite Wallet

XLite is a lightweight wallet that can be used to trade on Block DX without downloading huge blockchains.